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illustration by Charles Ochei / 4kreport

Each state in the South-SouthEast has at least one tech community that learns together, build applications together or make fun of each other. Each community are thriving in their own ways but still has few limitations threaten its growth in areas of carrying along newbies, telling their stories properly and going beyond its state in terms of opportunities and outside investments.

Different tech community means different online groups and different platforms where members converse. As an investor, employer or just someone from the outside curious to know what’s happening in tech in the region, you could get stuck in a world of multiple communities and a never-ending notifications of unrelated conversations{noise-making} and risk missing the important stuff.

we’re doing the hard work by picking out the important, no i mean the best-est content we think you absolutely shouldn’t miss from every tech community in every state in the South-Southeast region and deliver them to your inbox. yes, it’s a newsletter that we are calling The 4kreport Weekly Roundup.

“The South-SouthEast is not a state, we make it feel like one”.

This newsletter is an offering of the links to events we think you should attend, the profile of Startups doing something great, link to controversies, a few click baits, the ecosystem and things we post on 4kreport. you’ll see. We also share interviews with people building things here, never to forget also letting some cats out of the bag.

4kreport weekly starts rolling out every Sunday evening starting January 2019, we might send out an intro newsletter before this year runs out, off cause we have to test to be sure our mailing tech works fine.

We have about 190 followers on Twitter, we love to see that number grow to 200 before this year runs out. seeing more people join us on our journey encourages us to uncover more untold stories in tech around South-SouthEast to the world.


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