Nigerians are the most annoying in a WhatsApp group.

It just occurred to me that since the introduction of the WhatsApp group chat feature, i’ve never actually created one nor ever been assigned an admin role. This week, for the first time I was assigned an admin role and I had one job – to welcome new members and explain what the group entails. Easy right?

i also realized that the real reason why I always avoid being a group admin is the amount of energy and time that’s required to put together an interactive and relevant group. You literally have to be online every hour of the day especially if its a new group because humans are annoying and will ask what the group is about even after its clearly written in the description. Not to forget SPAMMING. argh! I hate them.

You being a group admin is an underrated community building skill and should sometimes be considered as a primary experience if applying for a job.

To the group of about 50 average Nigerians where i was made an admin here are the different types of people I found that made me left.

The ones that advertise Spam

The ones that promote another group inside your own group.

some people can’t just do without selling.

i’ve never been called out the internet like this. God, see dragging.

political aspirants will campaign in the group

And eventually, I left.

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