A useless post about useless apps

Just as the name implies this is a post full of useless android apps that literally does nothing to your phone. most apps here has more downloads that our useful every day apps. trust me, this post is as useless as ever. this apps are just waste of time, a waste money and they take a lot of space on your phone just for doing nothing.

  • The nothing app

There nothing to write about this app because it does nothing. the app was created by jake chapman for chilango labs and has had over 1million+ download on google play and the app store.

When opened the app just make the screen of you phone plain white just like a canvas, the purpose of the app is for people to do nothing with their phones so they can enjoy the real world and do things they love.

  • The useless app

Well there isn’t much difference in the uselessness between the nothing and the useless app except you are able to turn on and off a switch …. that’s all. the app description says “this app in useless, flip the switch against other people on the internet” and yes it has over 10 thousand+ downloads and has a 4.4 rating on playstore.

  • The there is no game app

This is a useless 23MB sized app that show “THERE IS NO GAME” written in a game typography. the game even has a kickstarter campaign going on and has raised over $3,000 and it has over 1million+ download.

you can download it on playstore

  • Abu moo collection

The Abu Moo collection of apps may be among the most useless apps ever. There are six apps in the collection and each one costs $400. What do these apps do? Not a damn thing. You can put a poorly constructed gem widget on your home screen to show people how rich you are, but otherwise the app doesn’t actually do anything. The developer seems aware of this and the descriptions for these apps are pretty goofy. You can check them out on playstore, but I don’t recommend you buy them.

  • The most useless app ever

You just knew that someone was going to make an app like this. Unlike Abu Moo (above) where the app has a point but that point is stupid, useless apps like this one are just flat useless. The one we have linked comes with a button and that button does nothing when you press it. It also comes with a useless widget that also does nothing. At the very least, the app does exactly what it says it does, which, again, is absolutely nothing. Actually, I love this app. It’s kind of awesome. its on playstore but please don’t download them.



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