Joshua josh is co-founding a new ride hailing startup in Port Harcourt

So far, 4kreport has written about 3 articles on ride hailing startups that has launched or will launch soon in south-southeast all in the short period of 5months.

I and ebukaloper out of curiosity went online in search for more ride hailing startups in other cities of Nigeria. To our discovery Joshua josh and his team had already launched in portHarcourt.

Cabby Nigeria is a new entrant in the e-hailing business, making it the 20 something in Nigeria and 100 and something in Africa to join the gang of ride hailing app startups.

I gave the app a test, it works really smooth, great experience and nicely designed but not quite Uber-good. It’s more like “it works” kind of good. The location marker zoned in on my exact location and the Google maps API integration didn’t screw up.

From my observations, the only threat i could associate with is Uber or Taxify coming in with big money to out-perform the local player. But seeing things from the other side, operating in a city like Port Harcourt where Taxis are the mode of mobility for at least 40% of it’s population is a big market for cabby.

An added advantage is developer Evangelist – Joshua Josh, who’s a co-founder and CTO at he overseas technical operations and app development. I’ve met Josh twice and trust me he is not your average developer.

One month after launching, cabby claimed it has acquired 500+ riders, 100+ drivers and 40 daily active drivers and will be expanding to other cities in the nearest future.

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