curated list of tech hubs in south-south and south-eastern Nigeria.

Tech hubs are a space or region where a high density of startup companies cluster together and become part of the economic infrastructure of the community.

Tech hubs  plays a very important role in a tech community, they are where great innovations are born. it is a places where investors look for startups to invest in, tech hubs organizes events, meetups and conferences where everyone can gather to talk about problems people are facing and how they can be solved.

Tech hubs are very beneficiary to startups, they are co-workspace for early stage startups, they organize incubators, accelerators and other opportunity for startups to participate in to get capital and mentorship.


in the south-east and south-southern Nigeria where the tech ecosystem is fast developing one and startups are being launched everyday the need for individuals, entrepreneur, startups founders and investors to join a tech hub is become relatively high, they need to understand the ecosystem, developer need to be brought together and individuals seeking to nurse their great idea to fruition.

so, here is a comprehensive list of tech hubs in the south-east and south-south of Nigeria arranged in no particular order. therr are much, this list might shock you.



  • Start innovation hub

Founded in 2014 by hansom Johnson, start innovation hub is providing young people in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria with a collaborative platform to leverage on technology platforms and create wealth.

Start Hub aims at stimulating economic growth in the technology community by providing key ingredients like seed funding, mentorship and access to business expertise. Others are networking opportunities, peer review, pitch development, product testing and introduction to investors.

start hub has hosted the likes of Chukwuemeka Afigbo, Strategic Product Partnerships manager for Facebook and Mark Essien founder and servers as workspace for Afropot and NamMi to mention a few successful startups.

  • Root hub

The Roothub offers entrepreneurs, small and growing businesses, Service providers and investors the opportunity to work in an innovative, energetic and collaborative center. It serves as a networking platform.

Root hub also started in 2014 by the onuk twin to reduces the struggles in getting an office space in uyo for entrepreneurs who are facing similar challenges as they faced while looking for an office space years back.

currently root hub has about 5 startups currently in its incubator/accelerator program with the provision of workspace, mentorship, business advisory, allied professional services — like legal, bookkeeping branding etc — and access to funding; in the process helping businesses transform from idea to execution.

Port Harcourt

  • Ken saro-wiwa hub

operating under the ken saro-wiwa foundation, the ken saro-wiwa innovation hub is the first ever solar powered hub and remains  the most vibrant tech hub in the city of Port Harcourt and has since inception transited into a community that houses lots of business and tech organisations; fueling collaboration amongst these businesses.

ken saro-wiwa hub offers training, incubation, co-working space, research, free consultation during office hours, tech expositions, among other tech support programs. it also houses the KEN JR. AWARD FOR INNOVATION an award for Innovation to start-ups technology companies in Port Harcourt.

  • Olotusqure

A combination of internet, constant power, recreational facilities (yes! and including a gaming centre) and coffee, in the right proportions brings out the monster in software developers. It’s the OlotuSquare.

oloto provides an amazing co-working space, the best shared working environment for your benefit. The incubation hub, which was founded by Bruce Lucas, also runs a regular radio program on Rythm FM in Bayelsa and Aspire Radio in Port Harcourt.

  • Focus hub

The Focus Hub Nigeria, is a new technology entrepreneurship and social innovation hub, based in Port-Harcourt, with a mandate to create sustainable business models to solving development challenges encountered in the Niger Delta.

As a non-profit entity, its primary objective is to act as a community centre where startups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, IT developers and programmers, impact investors, students, corporate and private organisations meet and interact for the purpose of technology and knowledge transfer, mentoring, training, incubation and networking.

The ultimate objective, however, is to drive economic growth, create jobs and enhance the competitiveness of the Niger Delta.


  • Oluaka Academy

launched in 2017 the oluaka and as the only tech hub in owerri, the oluaka academy aims to be a world Class Centre for Innovation, Business Incubation, Skills Development and Enterprise Education focused on the tech community development of owerri and to serve as co-working space for startups.

oluaka academy aims to attract, train and retain top talents in technological innovation and enterprise development in Eastern Nigeria. the hub is currently serving as a major sponsor for the startup south 3.0 Aba edition.

Delta state

  • Delta state innovation hub

The delta state innovation hub came as a result of the sate government trying to build a smart city driven by technology and to support tech startups in providing a co-working  space, funds and different accelerator programs.

The IHub is accredited through peer review, as the first Knowledge-Innovation and Science & Technology Park in the South-South of Nigeria. It is located in Asaba. the hubs aims to encourage diversity and bring a shift from an oil dependency to Technology with long-term economic growth and sustainability of the state through SME support and embracing technology.


  • Roar Nigeria Hub

Roar is the first university hub is the east, established bythe university of Nigeria Nsukka to bolster innovation amongst students and non-students in the university launched by the Vice Chancellor of UNN on the 6th of February, 2017.

The major aim of setting the hub is to bring students together into teams to proffer innovative tech solutions to problems in the society. The Hub is a hotbed of ideas, invention and market induced solutions created with the concept of a triple helix (An interaction between Academia, Industry and Government) and hosted in a serene environment with researchers, students, industry and government within a stone throw distance.








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