developers are becoming gangster rappers for the code

Recently we’ve being hearing about the new trend of developers rapping for the code. The #forthecode challenge is a developers versions of #fordtheD challenge that started at the 2017  forloop lagos meetup which developers had to say what they did with the code or for the code In a rap format.

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Our #ForTheCodeChallenge at @forLoopNigeria compiled lol

Disclaimer: We are coders not rappers

With @unicodeveloper @codebeast @tushgeek

— AdewaleAbati♠️ (@Ace_KYD) October 11, 2017

Adewale Abati popularly known as Ace_kyd initiated the challenge in a youtube video of him touring the forloop lagos meet up, prosper otemuyiwa AKA unicodeveloper , Christain Nwamba AKA codebeast and other gangster developers(rappers) dropped their punch lines and damn it was amazing .

Forloop Port Harcourt came up and this time I was the one who initiated it, codebeast gave us the beat, prosper couldn’t drop a line but we nailed back to back.


Nothing much about has being said about #forthecode challenge ever since then until yesterday. #forthecode challenge original Track will be released this year. Neo ighodaro, CTO of hotelsNG on twitter said he’d be working on a #forthecode track and yes it’s gonna be open source.

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Who thinks I should make a for the code challenge track? 100 RTs and I’ll work on it.

— Neo Ighodaro(@NeoIghodaro) October 12, 2017

soon we’ll get to see something like Neo ft other gangster developers- #forthecode now available for downloads on iTunes. yes soon.

Few hours later…..

Andela announced it’s $40m serial C funding, to congratulate them the he Trello team and CEOrackcity released a hilarious rap track about slack and trello on soundcloud Riding on the instrumental of Black and Yellow track by Wiz Khalifa to tell how Slack and Trello combine powers to make our lives as distributed team members productive and fun!

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