Developers share challenges they faced while starting out with the codes.

Everyday we hear stories of successful developers, the amazing job they did, how a contribution on github got them to world stage, getting paid big time, being awarded, being hired by big organizations like facebook and google and so on. they make all of this seem so easy to everyone.

we thought if developers should share their failure stories, limitation and the challenges they encountered while starting as an upcoming developer, we all might learn something new and avoid the mistakes they made.

we asked a group of developers the big questions everyone has being afraid to ask “what are the challenges you faced when starting out as a developer”. we found out their challenges were mostly inadequate supply of electricity, internet data being expansive and lack of mentors or developers community.


 Learning to code has not been bed of roses for me. (It might be for you). my biggest challenge was resources and right exposure. I started learning using some obsolete tools and resources. Also didn’t have access to good network like Owerri Dev. Community. At times it was frustrating because when you build website but it can’t run on smaller screen like Java phones. It doesn’t open on Opera etc. Most nights I spent them trying to make my website work on small display. The written guide I was using to learn didn’t take care of modern CSS.I was not exposed to tools and platform where you can learn programming on the go   – joseph ibeh(@afrikhero)

My challenge is being a newbies with no teacher or mentor or a guilder that will help me through with developing. – Kingsley essien(@mayorcyril)

 my most significant challenges were power supply and internet access, that’s absolutely true, however now I’ve thought deeply about it there’s more. I’m mostly self-taught, and the most difficult thing is finding a path of self-directed learning that’d equip one with same skills at the end as would more conventional methods e.g schooling and bootcamps. Whilst there’s a myriad of resources available online it’s immensely difficult​ to decide definitively what modern technologies to learn and in what order, and most people seem not to know, so when I ask for guidance answers are vague. – bigee

I had issues with resources,tools and a mentor, I used to watch tutorials on thenewboston, web dev was  taught using old dev tools, then when I design or develop, I wasn’t always open to critics, I was just a lone developer. Twas a problem cos I was always satisfied with my stuff, no drive for continous integration.  – Anyanwu Leo (@daltiLeo)

Mine is the spirit to learn and resources to learn from were moderately available, but the challenge is tools needed,
Data is not a problem for as I use mtn happy hour , one thing I lack now is focus and tool, because lack of the tool needed kills my motivation sometimes – swiftpheonix

hope you are inspired to do more, irrespective of the challenges don’t give up. one day your light will shine.

credits to owerri dev community for making this possible.




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