Djanogirls is organising a workshop for ladies in owerri to learn how to code. 

No one said coding is for men alone and djanogirls thinks the same. The non-profit organisation that empowers and help women to organize free software development workshop by providing tools, resources and support will be hosting a one-day free programming workshop for women in Owerri to make and design a website.

I’m someone who attends meetups a lot especially in Owerri, there’s being a high level of interest in software development show by women and I think this is the right time for djanogirls to surface Owerri.

“I discovered that Owerri is lacking behind in I.T especially we Ladies, and also most people don’t know about this organization. So I decided to bring it down to Owerri to help Ladies” Amadikwa joy- The organizer said.


It’s a free workshop for beginners, an opportunity to learn how to code and become a woman programmer. Attendees are required to come with a laptop as funds to cover the cost of travel and accommodation are provided by the organisers for persons who are attending from other cities.

by attending the workshop you get a free ticket to the Nekede python conference as breakfast and lunch will also be served.

How to apply?

To register fill this form here

Application deadline is 18th February, 2018.

Date: 24th, February, 2018.

Time: 8am – 6pm

Venue: Riverside hotel, Nekede, owerri.

Hurry! Only 20 seats available.

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