Excessneeds wants to revive the political participation of students in FUTO

The federal university of technology, Owerri (FUTO) student union government election is no different than any other elections in Nigeria.

As the FUTO SUG election comes underway, exccessneeds says it’s starting a campaign to revive the political spirit in FUTO. The interest shown in the SUG election amongst students is quit low, little to few student participates in this elections due to popular believe of being distracted from school works, believing running for a particular office is only for the buoyant and famous and having little or no knowledge on how to actually run for an office.

The online marketplace startup says this movement is to encourage people the participate in SUG elections, to enlighten more students on the pros and cons of elections, to get people to vote in their preferred candidate and to be voted for as well.


Most students who run for offices at the student union government are in for the personal gain and the high level of power which they’ll achieve without performing their tasks as leaders and as the voices of the students . Excessneeds wants to bring back the core values of running for an elections and aims to groom student to be better leaders and followers.

Reasons for this movement are to stop the wrong people from entering into power, to reduce the exploitations of students rights and to encourage people to come out and take charge of who they the want to vote into power.

This is an adequate effort made by excessneeds, it’s a major contribution to ensure good governance and empowerment amongst students respectively.

It’s an offline and online movement which students can join in on facebook and twitter  with the #PoliticalRevival #FutoElection #Kara_Me_To_Vote #RUN.







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