Forloop is coming to owerri, be prepared for the evangelists are coming

On the 20th of January 2018, owerri will host its first-ever forloop meetup themed “THE CODE FACTOR” the maiden edition with the aim for developers to connect, learn, have a QnA section with the big boys/girls in software development and of cause receive fire and evangelism.

Forloop is a community of software developers in Africa launched in 2016 by developers for developers to talk about the challenges faced as a software developer, how to become a better/world-class developer, talk about open source, share tools, make jokes and confess their love for Jollof.

So far the Forloop meetup has been held in over 20 states and university campuses across Nigeria. that’s not all, forloop has scaled to Africa stage with forloopGhana, forloopNairobi and so on which took place in the early months of 2017.


After recording over 600 attendees at the forlooplagos, forloop has grown to be more than just a meetup, it’s a conference.

it’s time for the community of developers and Tech enthusiast in owerri to show what they’ve got this January.

Speakers for this event includes Lawrence agbani, wisdom Arerosuoghene and Joshua Josh.

Recently, there is this thing about developers becoming gangster rappers overnight. Yes, that’s true. From forlooplagos to forloopPH developers have been per taking in the #Forthecodechallenge thanks to codebeast and his bose Bluetooth speaker. I initiated the last one at Port Harcourt and this time I’ll be doing the same in Owerri.

Applications are open to speak at the event or to showcase your Dev tools built by you for developers. fill this form to apply to speak and this one to showcase your tool.

Software developers and techies in and around owerri can register to attend.

see you at forloop!



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