Glo is constructing a submarine cable to improve Internet connectivity in south-south Nigeria.

Here in the south-south, we love Glo for its relatively very cheap internet data but at the same time hate them for its very slow internet connections. reasons because Glo submarine cables only point from Lagos to outside the borders of Nigeria and has landing points in London and Lisbon in Portugal.

Rejoice, Glo just announce the construction of a new submarine fibre optic cable that’ll run along the coast to the southern part of Nigeria with the capacity to provide offshore oil platforms and its communities with ultra-high capacity connectivity. And it’s calling it Glo 2.

Said to be the first submarine cable in Nigeria to land outside Lagos out of the five existing cables, the Glo 2 will have the capacity of 12Terabites per second, approximately 850 kilometres long, capable of providing high-speed connectivity (as claimed) and the first submarine optic fibre dedicated to the oil producing region.


For startups and technological development, the benefit of Glo 2 to the destination region include the transfer of a high volume of data, exchange of security and surveillance data while also enabling the oil platforms to use IOT.

Fast and cheap internet equals a reduced burn rate for startups. Cost of internet data makes up about 30% of internet startups operational cost, the other is power.

The construction is in partnership with Huawei in a bid to empower data coverage and support enterprise markets growth in the region through unique Telecommunication and service delivery.

This is a bold step taken by the grand masters of data to give Nigeria the lead in magical broadband in Africa.



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