GreenAge is fixing Nigeria’s power problems with its indigenous solar technology.

At the back was me trying to find myself a seat at the startupsouth3 event in Aba when I saw two bold looking guys at the edge of the stage waiting in line to pitch about a bulky looking box which I will later find out to be an indigenous solar inverter manufactured by GreenAge Technologies.

Not so long, I also found out there were places in Aba that hasn’t seen electricity for over ten years, same as other places around Nigeria. We ranked second of the 137 countries on the spectators index list of worst nation in electric power supply in 2017.

Population increases everyday so as new small businesses emerge meaning the demand for electricity increases. Nigeria has never met its population demand for electricity for more than two decades, instead supply decreases by an average of 3,000 megawatts every year.

Diesel and petrol engine generators are the best alternative for millions of middle class Nigerians in situations like this but they come at a life risking disadvantage. Life expectancy in Nigeria is 52 years and continues to shrink compared to the 65 years WHO standard and this is due to the carbon dioxide from these combustion engines. People even go partially deft because of hash noises produced by these engines.

A team of 5 who met at the university of Nigeria Nsukka are coming to our aid with some set of renewable energy technology to put a stop to the commonest and heartbreaking problem for businesses and homes. The lack of adequate power supply.

One particular GreenAge’s product that seem to amaze me is its GreenAge power package solar inverters and batteries made out of locally sourced materials and designed with Africans in mind. It’s lowest end 1.5KVA PSW inverter comes with two 100AH (amp hours) batteries that could last up to 20 hours at 5amp or 5 hours for 20amps on a single charge depending on your usage.

The startups officially went in to business in November 2017 after its founders had been in research and development stage for over a year before being able to light up rooms and power domestics appliances before proceeding to make a prototype. They are the only indigenous manufacturers of solar inverter in Nigeria.

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