Hubs in South-SouthEast are investing a lot in learning while also looking for the next unicorn

Heartland innovation hub, owerri

The region doesn’t need another eCommerce startup, Uber for X kind of startup or a marketplace connecting people needing this to people doing that, in fact if your next idea is about a social app and totally dependent on a smartphone and internet, JUST STOP!

What’s its needs are startups that will help the Aba Market people ease global trading, manufacturing and distribution processes. there’s no part of the region that can’t be assessed in 3 hours or less, an advantage for startups looking to tackle logistics and delivery issues in the region. but to achieve it’s need to invest in its human capital.

Let’s take a shift from discussing the future of tech startups or what the region needs and have a look at the massively increasing pool of talents in the region. Learning community are on the rise like never before and interest to learn software development or a digital skill of any kind is been adopted by a large number of its youth population.


Quite a reasonable amount of people in a local tech community group in SSE said they’d rather learn software development or digital marketing than found a startup out of photocopy syndrome that’ll eventually die. the good thing is that hubs in SSE knows this and as much as they’re looking for the next billion dollar idea, they’re are also investing a lot in training the region’s youths.

Hubs do help form startups and help them grow but learning is top priority for many. it might interest you that Ken Saro-Wiwa hub in Port Harcourt didn’t partake or organised any startup this and that programme in September but instead launched the Port Harcourt school of Artificial intelligence, it’s deep learning and internet of things arm including a software development program focused at women.

One year after operation kicked off, the heartland incubation hub has graduated the first set of its Oluaka software development learning fellowship with application currently open for 2.0 even before launching a startup incubation program.
Hopefully, if Data Science Nigeria and paylater’s Artificial intelligence hub goes live in Owerri it will be one of Africa’s learning ecosystem of many AI enthusiasts & experts and will encourage academic research in Artificial intelligence and big Data Analytics.

Guess what StartupAnambra2.0 theme is? yes that’s correct – Connect. LEARN. Disrupt. Projects, example #StartupSouth, that’s all about connecting founders in the region to investment capital also advocates “Learning” first. it collaborated with the British Council to pull off a Digital skills training for creatives.

Now could the best moment to say Lagos is the startup and tech capital of Nigeria and Port Harcourt, Enugu, Uyo or Owerri are on a race to become the skill capital. let’s leave this argument for another post, shall we?

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