In two years, Enugu plans to have 10,000 of its youth as developers

The google developers group Enugu (GDG Enugu) is starting a campaign to make sure 10,000 youths in Enugu possesses a tech skill in the next two years and its calling it “ENUGU NEXT TEN THIUSAND DEVELOPERS

As a city that has 50% of its population below 55 years and known for having one of the best higher institutions in the southeast and Nigeria at large, its youth are definitely the pioneerers of the state’s next economic revolution. That’s why GDG Enugu wants to train almost half of Enugu’s youth population to learn STEM, which is a fundamental in harnessing the potentials of youths in the state.

One amazing thing about this campaign is that its open to everyone ranging from primary school kids to graduates in any section of technology from web development to Artificial intelligence to launching sustainable and profitable tech startups that’ll will contribute to social economic growth of the state.

One would definitely not be gruaranted a job in today’s labour market with just a certificate without posessing a skill in STEM as it is required to thriv in the 21st century workforce.

On its blog, GDG Enugu says it wants to change the narrative the internet thinks of the coal city, like having no cinema to a state that produces the technology talents that drive growth in the south east. A software export zone of the south east and Nigeria.

They ain’t alone is this, GDG Enugu is partnering with digitaldream an IT firm in Enugu that specialize in web design, animations, software development and training and startupsouth, a community that promotes and attract investment to startups in the south-south &south-east.

You too can also be part of this movement using the #enugunext10000developers and #whybuildinenugu.

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