Aba’s IGhub launches a $10,000 startups incubation program.

The innovation growth hub, Aba has announced a 12 weeks incubation program for startups that are looking to grow their business in Africa, particularly Nigeria. IGhub Bizboost incubation program will support startups using technology to provide solutions that addresses a clear need/want in the society that has potentials to scale and grow into a sustainable brand.

Startups beyond idea stage are perfect fit to apply for this incubation program and have a higher chance of being shortlisted to pitch in front of a panel in order to secure a spot at the incubation program.

selected teams will undergo an intensive 12 weeks pre incubation process to develop a MVP and test viability followed by a 12 months post incubation support with monthly access to consultation from one-on-one sessions with carefully selected mentors.

each startups will also receive $10,000 funds in exchange for 10% equity stake in the business.

This is a robust incubation program that includes business modeling and finding a market. emphasis will also be laid on startups growth and acceleration. a demo day will follow for teams to showcase and pitch to potential investors and stakeholders of diverse industries and stand a chance to access more funds and partnerships

Applications are currently open (click to apply) for IGhub Bizboost 1.0 and will commence on the 15th of june in Aba at the innovation growth hub where startups will be working from.

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