Jumia has launched a facebook Messenger ecommerce chat bot to buy things via chat.

Jumia Nigeria has just made it possible for everyone to use it services via a facebook without the need of going to its website.

Jumia Nigeria has launched a facebook messenger bot for users to shop online, book a hotel and order for food via chat. The messenger bot has aggregates their services into one conversational interface.

The aims of this chat bot is to take advantage of the 16,000,000+ facebook  users in Nigeria to make new and existing customers engage more with their platforms. JB has been designed to make shopping more comfortable and natural. It helps you search for products seamlessly. Say you want to order a pair of men’s shoes, book a hotel in Abuja or order from your favorite restaurant, just tell JB and it’d take it from there! Just like that! You click on the product and complete the purchase,

Jumia said via it’s spoke person

“The Jumia Bot works by asking customers what they’re looking for, and then using their answers to uncover the best offers. For example, to get access to the best hotel and airfare deals on Facebook Messenger, a user can simply provide his or her preferred date and destination to the bot in order to see the top recommendations”

Jumia is taking advantage of Artificial intelligence, natural learning process  and collaboration with Facebook to make shopping more personalize. The Bot learn users’ preferences over time in order to make recommendations that are personalized, timeline and useful to the shopper.

we gave it a try and it works really well.

In recent times we’ve seen some major growth in the ecommerce sector,  Konga also launched it same day delivery option to user around lagos , jumia is also changing the way peoples buy stuff with this new feature and its amazing I can buy my T-shirts and the just released FIFA 18 via facebook messenger.

The jumia bot is currently in public bata, not all feature might work and somethings are bound to change without users consent but jumia says its working very hard to make the best e-commerce bot in Africa.

To use the new jumia chat bot visit here




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