Startups is making stolen vehicles in Nigeria easily recoverable via mobile phone.

Legitcar want to help reduce the rate of car theft in Nigeria. It’s a platform that allows potential car buyers to verify if a particular vehicle is a stolen one before making a purchase. The startup allows individuals to access its large database of stolen vehicles in Nigeria to verify if their potential cars is not listed as one.

According to a report released by the National bureau of statistics (NBS), 2,544 vehicles were stolen between 2013 and 2015 out of which 1,277 vehicles were recovered, this brings the national recovery rate to 50 percent. In simple English 5 out 10 stolen cars are recovered in Nigeria.

The statics shows that the governmental institution responsible for the recovery of stolen cars have the ability to recover only half of the vehicles stolen in the country, but in the early months of 2017 the number of stolen vehicles sky rocket from 42% to a whopping 65% all of which has amounted to 1.8bilion in lose their owners.

Endorsed by the ministry of communication technology, the stolen car tracking startup says its complementing the efforts of the government to prevent the crime of car theft which has being on the rise in recent times.

I tried it out and was fascinated by how easy it was to verify if a car was stolen or not, all I did was visit the web app, I input the chassis number of a car then clicked verify. That’s all. To register as a car owner who’s car has being stolen, input your personal details, the system contacts you to request a police report, once you reply with the report, your car details is sent to the database that millions of people would be searching every day at the point of purchase.

Quit a large amount of cars has being recovered since the inception of Legitcar in 2016 with an average of one recovery daily which isn’t bad for the 2 year old startup. The fact that you can now check if a car is stolen of not just by searching a database via your mobile phone make the chances of your car being recovered very high.

We all hope the police and the FRSC buys into this idea and support these young Nigerians. The startup was among the 3 winners of the UN-INFLUX hackathon that was held in march 2017 in lagos

Legit car is currently available online and accessible nationwide.

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