meet canice Nnamdi the Fullstack developer making wave in owerri

Every month 4kreport will be hooking up with developers, Tech enthusiasts entrepreneurs and experts to have a chat and to discuss about what they do, share knowledge and their opinion on things.

this month we hooked up with canice Nnamdi the full stack developer making wave in owerri.

Canice Nugmah Nnamdi is a software engineer specialized in web development and technology, as a developer he is the facilitator for the Andela student ambassadors program owerri chapter and also part of the organizing community for forloop owerri.

As a full stack developer and an android developer  canice makes web apps, android apps, and softwares for organizations, small business and individuals,  he is also a community builder and has served as speaker at the owerri tech meetup and startup south to mention a few.

When asked about how he got stated on his career path, he said:

“huh, at first I had no idea there was such level of computing while in secondary school, it was after then I went for a computer application and desktop publishing courses. it was then I got to pick interest in tech”

Canice educational background is of a normal one, he is an under graduate student of Alvan ikoku federal collage of education (affiliated to UNN) , currently in 3ooland studying computer education. he added:

I did some courses  on diploma and also currently undergoing some. all of which are related to tech”

What are the challenges you faced while starting out as a developer?

firstly, the code phobia, people telling you “what is it you can build that has not being built” A lot of criticism.

What’s you take on the current situation and level of growth in technology in the east?

I have always believed in the east because we get along with new ideas, innovations and phenomenon  easily. we keep getting better and stronger.

Tell us the future you see or wish for Tech in the east?

I see the east as the next silicon valley, soon the place is going to be another Lagos with startups, Tech hubs, Tech companies and a strong community.

Do you have mentors?

Yes I do have mentors, but I will talk about one very important person onyema kizito Nnaemeka. he carried me along like a true friend and like a brother. his vision and work so far is extraordinary.

What do you have to say to new and upcoming ones in tech?

Focus, learn, create, share and connect.

If not Tech what would you have ventured into ?

huh, mehn, I would say a music director or producer. I have this crush with musical instruments, particularly the piano.

You are the facilitator for ASAPowerri, tell us your experience and how you pulled it off?

alright, the goal is community building, so we can connect as well as network. it all balls down to hard work, focus, collaboration. with these factors, we were able to accomplish and actualize our goal.

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