Nigerian independence day 2017: google celebrates with a beautiful waving flag.

Today makes it 57 years since Nigeria gained its independence from its colonial masters and google is marking this great celebration with a beautiful and stunning doodle.

The special doodle is a green white green Nigerian waving flag that represents freedom, to celebrate the history of the most populous nation in Afrrica and also a movement and triumph of independence.

google’s doodle representing Nigeria’s 57 years on independence.

every October 1st is always a day of celebration in Nigeria since it got its independence in 1960 from the British rule, the guys at google made an absolutely stunning doodle showcase the Nigeria flag in between the word GO and GLE , The two green stripes representing  Nigeria’s natural wealth, while the white band representing peace.

this is not the first time google is celebrating this occasion with Nigerians. in previous years, the doodle team has experimented with various themes to mark this special occasion. last year they incorporated the eagle on the Nigerian coat of arm in place of the second O,  also in 2010 the GOOGLE on its front page was replaced by a bus (yellow danfo), a tricycle (keke nape) and a motorbike (okada) with people of different Nigerian culture transporting themselves.





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