For three months oluaka academy will train future badass developers in owerri

Bill Gates was in Nigeria recently and he didn’t come alone. He came with some hard truth for Nigeria and its leaders about the present economic templates being used by the Muhammadu Buhari government not having the ability to address the unique needs of Nigerians at present.

Investments needs to be made in not just infrastructural development but also human development, we should prioritise human capital over physical capital; said Bill Gates.

Same thing for Owerri, Oluaka academy believes Owerri’s future depends on how resourceful and skilled its youths are; therefore has taken it upon themselves to train and lay a good foundation for Owerri’s youth to sustain economic prosperity by launching “Oluaka developers program ODP 1.0” 

ODP 1.0 is a free 3 months scholarship software development program that’ll enable cohorts aquire skills to build amazing solutions out of ideas or problems faced by the state and country at large. Not just software development skills but also with business development skills.

The aim is to train and retain these talents from moving to developed ecosystems; Lagos and Abuja, by providing opportunities, internships and jobs to master the professional technical skills needed to become world-class right from the eastern heartland.

The program was flagged yesterday, we found out 10 out of hundreads of individuals who applied were addimited (thread), the office of the commissinoner for talent and youth development for Imo state was present to encourage the cohorts to take every bit of the training very serious (full speech).

Facilitating will be headed by Dimgba Kalu(@dkdimgba) celebrity developer and cofounder at projaro.

You missed ODP 1.0? oluaka says application of ODP 2.0 will open in coming months. So get in those boots and prepare. The hub also has an open invite to anyone who wants to come access it’s coworking space. 

This program is powered by oluaka’s parent company Cleen foundation- a non-governmental organisation with the mission of promoting public, safety, security and acessible justice.

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