Three big oppotunities to learn software development just opened and they are for free

Software development by 2020 will be among the top 3 highest paying jobs on the planet, above engineering and other jobs in other industries.

The south-south and south-east are developing regions and a den of societal problems in different sectors including health, education, power and finance to mention a few downstream sectors.

Startups are increasingly on the raise to market a solution leveraging technology that’ll change the way individuals perform taskes or do businesses, meaning at least 1,000 software development jobs a bound to open by 2020 in the south-south-east region.

Tech hubs in the region wants to make the demand for these roles equate the number of supply of talents by providing opportunities for individuals to became worldclass software developers.

Few weeks ago, we reported that oluaka academy seems to be involved in some activities to attain a basic tech ecosystem functionality in owerri. One of these activities is a software development learning community program.

The oluaka development program -ODP 1.0 is a 3month free software development learning program to teach individuals how to build thing, solve problems and change the community. A hands-on opportunity to understand the tools used to build websites, Apps or setup their own startup.

Elsewhere in port Harcourt and enugu, olutu square and genesys tech hub also announced Genesys internship program- codename: learnable and Olotu square developers fellowship program respectively.

Codename: learnable is a six-month internship program designed to provide practical IT experience for motivated and technology driven undergraduate and fresh graduates. The purpose of the program is to advance an individual’s skills from an intermediate to a professional level thereby increasing the number of truly skilled persons in the population.

Olotu square developers fellowship program is a learning community for people from all background as that enriches the diversity of the community.

A learning cohort to go from zero to hero and from beginners to worldclass in 3 month.

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