Open source community, Africa makes it’s debut in Owerri

Open source is the new sauce and Owerri is it new cooking point.  An Open source community, Africa(OSCA) chapter has launched in the eastern heartland. A community of open sourcers and open source advocates promoting open source culture amongst developers in the city.

In open source, I feel strongly that to really do something well, you have to get a lot of people involved. The fact that people get to contribute to the creation and improvement of their favorite tool or app is why I advocate for open source.

The Open source community, Africa is building communities of open source advocates and contributors across cities in Africa starting from Lagos because Building products for the next billion users requires a collaborative environment.

A meetup would probably be held in august, trust us to to keep you updated. June saw a lot of community sprang out of Owerri, Developers student club, Imsu, Google developers group, FUTO. and Figma Africa, Owerri still in the bag.

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