Forget the hype, here is everything wrong with owerri tech community.

Credits to Gbolahan Fawale and a few bold individuals who thought about Building a community of techies in owerri 11 months ago that till today most people still don’t know it exist. As much as we claim that the owerri tech community is growing, communications and collaborations between hubs, schools, developers, startups and enthusiast is not as effective as it should be.

Before now, imo state has been silent in terms of technology community development and contributions to Nigerian ecosystem. The closet experience you could have to being a techie was that you attend the overly rated Federal University of Technology, Owerri(FUTO). They were developers around but scattered over the places or were in hiding.

I said earlier that a lot of people don’t know a community exist and are very reluctant to search if one exists in owerri, that’s why you’d hear Futo business club and Forloop Owerri, Imo startups weekend and ALC meetup (all majors events) clashing on the same date leading to low turn out for each event because of split interest – reasons attributed to poor communications or research between organisers.


The community was in shook when it discovered a Google developers group certificate had already being awarded to a resident in owerri but didn’t do anything with it and recently someone is organising an AR/VR meetup in FUTO and he/she is calling it owerri AR/VR meetup. I bet you also didn’t know Techstars startup weekend is also coming but the organiser didn’t communicate it. (Still hasn’t) Tragic!

Port Harcourt tech is way ahead of its neighbours because of this same reasons- communication, collaboration and being smart enough to realise that university of port Harcourt is not the city of port Harcourt.

Majors event like i/o extended and ingressive campus meetup never clashes because “the leads have synergy” – Joshua Josh. He further added that before an events happens they plan with other organisers to adjust their calendar to let techies attend any event they chose to attend to learn best practise since the community is still young and few. unlike owerri where someone just wakes up one morning and organises an event.

Ever wondered why no startup has surfaced yet from Owerri, here’s why: many people with ideas have a wrong impression about entrepreneurship and are scared someone might steal their ideas. This explains why a lot of them are running one-man startups instead of collaborating.

Tech hub Africa and oluaka academy are doing great at bridging the skill gap in Owerri with its ALC meetups and oluaka development program respectively but asking for money from organisers(mostly students) to use your hub to organise an event like forloop is wrong. These are community development project, you should support.



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