Owerri Tech developments of 2017 in review

It’s been a wonderful and busy​ year in the Owerri tech ecosystem. this year, Owerri had a breakthrough in it’s​ quest to lay a great foundation for it’s emerging community of developers​ and start-ups.

Here are some exciting developments we saw in 2017, a lot has happened but here are the major ones.

The rise of Tech hubs

This year the heartland witnessed the launch of two innovation hubs, Tech hub Africa and oluaka academy.

Both hubs are major players to help spring up developments in the tech community, providing co-working spaces, internet facility and power for start-ups, developers and individual creating amazing works in a techilogical​ perspective.

Things kicked up this year for Tech hub Africa when it was announced that it’ll be the venue​ for the weekly Owerri Tech group Meetup. as for oluaka academy, the hub says it’s​ open but will launch fully next year.
Tech meetups

In an emerging tech ecosystem, organising meetups is always a great idea for developers, founders, investors and tech individuals to come together to discuss the future of the community.

This year was the busiest for developers, digital marketers, founders and other Tech enthusiast in Owerri as many tech meetups happening across the country were hosted in the city for the first Time in 2017. The first ever Owerri tech Meetup was held, Ruby conference Owerri, Facebook code day Owerri, Imo startup Friday and more were also held for the first time.

Slay Startups

Before now Owerri was said to be home to over 50 startups but 90% of which were still in hiding, failed, operated as small business and shutting down after few months of operation.

But in 2017 we saw a turn around, startup including excessneeds, mundus digital and Tutorfinder to mention a few, all Breaking​ the borders and rethinking the way startups operates.

Tutor hiring startup Tutorfinder announced it has won US$10,000 in seed funds at the Genesys Ignite South-east startup convergence, the first Startup in Owerri to secure funds from outside investors.

Startups​ are not yet profitable nor has yield any returns to investors probably because of the slow adaptation of Digital solutions by locales​ or how relatively harsh it is in doing business in Owerri. but still a little patience might do the trick.


The Owerri tech scene still has a long way to go with lots of room for improvements but one would say as an emerging ecosystem there has been lots of improvement in just a single year in the heartland.

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