pinocode is a chrome extension that provides a work environment for frontend development right in you browser

Created by ebuka Bernard ezeh(@ebukaloper), pinocode is a google chrome extension that provides a work environment right in the browser for developers to practice frontend development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and so on.

This tool is an ambiguous one and has proven to be very useful to frontend developers, its supports more than 10 frontend frameworks including bootstrap,foundation, semantic-ui to mention a few, with support for variants and external libraries.



I really like the fact that developers are creating these tools to make software development more easy for both experts and new comers but these tools are only solving the technical part of software development which is kinda geeky.

What if developers make tools to help other developers on the non-technical part of software development. I means tools/app  focused on developers that help them improve on their lifestyle. prosper otemuyiwa once complained about how some developers dressed carelessly at the forloop lagos event that all they care about is code and nothing else.

Tools created to guide them on how to dress, recommend places with the best jollof around a particular area, a tools that tells if there is power in a particular area.  just tools to help them improve that’s not about coding.


Pinocode is free to use and available on Windows, mac and linux. considering fact that in Africa the internet cant be accessed from everywhere with data still being expensive, pinocode doesn’t require an internet connection to use. install once then go ahead and do your thing.

in my opinion pinocode is a codepen killer, both are very great tools with different capabilities buy comparing them both, pinocode works on the chrome browser API which makes it ridiculously fast and doesn’t require the internet and sign up unlike codepen which requires a strong internet to access.

pinocode is new, some functionalities might not fully work but more updates are certained in future. to use pinocode download on the google chrome web store



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