Positioning Teenagers for technological development in rural communities

The world is moving at a very fast pace,technologically. Technology is evolving on a daily basis and the big question is how many teenagers and youth in rural communities are aware of this fact. Are they doing anything toward securing their future in technology.

Technological advancements is on the rise and it influences our every day life from education, health,agriculture ,businesses etc. All of these has raise a concern for the young people in rural areas on their preparedness to handle the world outside them.

With the whirlwind of technology spreading across Nigeria,Youths in the South South and South East Nigeria are already being baptized in to this great move in Urban areas, and little is done to extend the Tech ecosystem to teenagers and youths in the rural communities.

As a result, the Inyou initiative has positioned itself to raise a community of young people in rural areas to utilize the era of information and technology for social transformation and personal development endeavor.

INYOU initiative is a social educational and reorientation community platform in IMO state, designed to Engage Equip and Educate young people (teens) alike in rural communities through practical life skills empowerment programs and activities for maximum outcome.

The goals are to create awareness and exposure for youth to develop passion for Technology, Entrepreneurship and leadership  through mentorship programs while building capacity to solving societal problems and for profitability.

As part of the mandate  to educate teenagers in rural communities for a self sufficient and productive life, personal development endeavors and to take part in decisions making processes, The Inyou initiative is partnering with the leading Tech community in Owerri – *The Owerri Tech group* to prepare teens for the future in Tech through an intensive digital workshop and training session, tagged *TeensTechAhaira1.0* which is slated for March 17th 2018, At Excel computer institute Ahaira junction, Ahaizu Mbaise local Government Area of IMO state. This is the first of its kind in the area, and it’ll open up the rural community for rapid and radical transformation in a long run and spread it tentacles too.

It is designed to help teenagers gain insight into the beautiful world of technology and areas of interest they could craft a niche.
It is the birth of a new era in Tech for young people in the rural areas and we are providing the platform.

you’re a teenage living in rural areas who’s seriously interest to learn about technology and how it can change the community you should attend. Register here.

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