Quantub is a new social media platform to connect people of the same interest together

Quantub is an urban user publishing social media like blog for people to share content with each other.

Bruhh! Another social media platform. Yes, one big question bothering me is how long will Quantub be in operation without being suffocated or buried by the big guns? The facebook flagship app and its subsidiaries (whatsapp, IG and so on) are already winning the social media game with twitter and snapchat in second place.

According to report data, 85% of social media startups launched after the big 3 above always fails, 5% being acquired by them and the remaining 10% targeted at a more specific audience.


Quantub allows users frequently update posts and share contents such as images, videos and music pointing to their lifestyles. It’s no different than and works like the regular social media platform we are all familiar with (facebook, twitter etc.)

Launched on October 2017 with Owerri as its HQ ,It also allows users with similar interests to come together, chat and share similar personal or career interests, activities, background or real-life connections by instant messaging and group chats.

Quantub also have another feature which is the forum where users discuss important public issues, thoughts and ideas and last but not the least is the ASKPEDIA which is a knowledge market place for questions and answers where questions are asked and can be answered by any random user.

the startup is self funded. The company currently a one man team with Nwagu Cyprian as CEO.



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