Redesigning the Algorithm for more inclusion of women in tech in the southeast

*Why we need to “Redesign the Algorithm”*

Having stayed and lived in the southeastern part of Nigeria almost all through existence, Women hardly find their stand when it comes to competing with the Menfolk at either workplaces, learning skills, being innovative at solving societal problems.

Its always as if we are created to be just ”Make-up designers”, Pageant models and consumers of innovations. I have mingled and stayed with lots of tech guys who despite the fact that I am a very good backend software developer will keep seeing me as if my entire life is dependent on User interfaces. Their reason is simple:

“I know girls are good with the colour combination, i know it always takes your people time to make your paintings, don’t worry about the backend, we will do it. just make your colour magic and we are ok.” This is a regular storyline of an average Naija female developer.

Come to scenarios where there needs to be some serious task to be carried out, Guys will exclude the ladies and try to fix it themselves thus making us feel our opinions are worthless. The 35% inclusion in politics has also been posted with lots of challenges as they end up taking the positions back from us.

I know lots of ladies are comfortable with this “model“ as we always end up justifying it with the ancient Igbo name of “Ori-aku”. Down here in the east, Women hardly learn skills, Women hardly thought about being independent, in fact being a single mother or being wealthy as a spinster is always seen as a “TABOO”.

We need to fix this! we need to “Redesign this Model”, we need to “Evolve”, we need to “Activate” our minds, we need to “Explode” from our shelves. we need to re-orientate our generation about the need to embrace digital skills as the only means of existence in the 21st century. we need to connect with one another, we need to network with The Nigerian women who are passionate about rewriting their stories.

At the NACOSS #SouthEastZonalFemaleHackathon, we shall be connecting over One Thousand (1000+) young girls and women who are passionate about building a career in Technology. we shall be exposing them to lots of business and entrepreneurship opportunities, training them on digital skills as well as Coaching/mentoring them to kick-start their career.

Our major focus is to connect young girls and women to industry stakeholders, open them to opportunities, let them leverage on the network to excel, empower them with skills, follow them up to see that they are successful, in-turn use them to empower other women.

The #SoftwareInnovationChallenge, the #ClashofIdeas, The #SmartKid competition, The #ColorChallenge and the #Hacking Challenge will create an avenue for the competitors to go home with lots of amazing Prizes.

Have you Registered yet? Sign up now on:

we are so much interested in changing the Status Quo and that we will achieve. We need partnerships, sponsorship, advice, contributions and feedback to do these things. shall you have any? contact me on 08135944421 or send mail to

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