Say hello to Owerri Tech Group: a community that wants to revive the ecosystem.

Not to be confused the group’s name is The owerri tech group.

The owerri Tech group is a local community of techies in owerri. its a democratized local technology community of developers , designers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, hub managers, just everyone who’s into tech .

The aim of the group is to come together under one voice and to share a vision to build a functioning tech ecosystem in owerri, to put owerri on the map, to empower members of the communities and support their social, cultural, and economic development.

Owerri just had it first ever actual tech meetup this year which got a lot of attention and brought together developers, students, entrepreneurs and top individuals from different organizations under one roof to discuss about the future of technology in owerri.

Long before now the tech sector in owerri has being in great decline and nothing to write good about, claimed tech meetups are mostly Ponzi scheme talks, no support from the government, The lack of facilities to aid new innovations and students being thought coding by someone whose level of python is snake. This has resulted in developers and tech enthusiasts to leave for a city with a better ecosystem to look for new opportunities.

The owerri Tech group is founded by gbolahan fawale in july 2017. he said

I tried applying for GDG but its majorly developer focused ,I want something more open and general so everyone can take part and be carried along, besides tech is not limited to coding alone.

There has been some level of  improvement around the tech sector in owerri recently, from its first major tech meeetup , Asapowerri to forloopowerri which are majorly for developers and skill development but owerri is still at it early stage of development and there are still space for more improvements, a lot of work needs to be done to make owerri one of the hottest tech communities in the east and in Nigeria as a whole.

Owerri Tech group has been approved by google and a meetup will be organized where wie’ll come together to discuss, push forward and build owerri.

4kreport has sent words to the group to confirm date and time for the meetup and also how to register to the group, we’ll update everyone when we get these information.




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