PR: Secured Tips app by SwiftQube is an all in one football app you should have

Secured Tips is a trusted sports platform that provides three core services: Soccer news, Sure Football Prediction, and Punter’s Forum. It was developed by SwiftQube, an Owerri-based technology company and launched in November 2017.

Secured Tips offers instant news on the latest transfers, match highlights, player performance, head to head analysis more updates are comprehensive coverage of all your major sporting events on results, fixtures, and logs. Also, predictions on the platform are well analyzed tips from 5-star punters and the daily tips are completely free.

It was recently re-launched in October 2018 with a new feature, TipZone, an online community of football lovers and punters.  On TipZone, people discuss, argue, and predict football. The fantastic thing is that, good punters predict for others and get paid when their games win.

According to the Founder and CEO, Mendhie Emmanuel, “Secured Tips is a unique platform that meets the need of millions of football fans interested in meeting, discussing and predicting football games.”

Secured Tips has over 5000 downloads.  

Secured Tips is only Google Play store. Plans are on the way to put it on iOS App store.


To get Secured Tips, Download via  play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=secured.tips

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