olotu square wants startup founders to come teach other startup founders how to succeed

It takes a collective effort to build a startup especially as a first time founder and because you’re also broke to hire people, startupSQ, meaning Startup Square – is the newest startups support community straight out of Olotu Square that’s committed to help you build a successful business.

StartupSQ is the community where aspiring and early stage founders get inside knowledge about startups from successful startup founders – no more conflicting information on what works and what doesn’t. A community of budding entrepreneurs driven by the need to support each other to build solutions to everyday problems as a team.

it’s not like the Ycombinator or Google Launchpad kind of support, its more like bringing in Jason Njoku on a cool afternoon over a cup of coffee to explain what its means to run a business in Africa.

At the angel investment masterclass/launching of SSE Angels, most startups founders present said access to startup capital wasn’t the only issue why startups don’t scale in the region. Business mentors and strategic collaborations are hard to access. Startups Square will be a place for founders get mentored by startup founders proven successful in their industry.

StartupSQ meetups hold every Saturdays at Olotu Square in Port Harcourt starting july, 28. Come pitch your business ,get help and volunteers to achieve your goal, then measure the results to success.

update: The second paragraph said “… from successful startup founders”. that was a mistake, Startup Founder have not succeeded and so they cant be teaching other founders to succeed instead they are collaborating to share ideas and support each other to succeed. 

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