What is #StartupSouth? A thread by Uche Aniche

It’s not an event. although it carries out majority of its activities via its Annual flagship event but it more than just an event. then what is it?, “What is #StartupSouth?”

Many Events, hubs, or any thing backed with the idea of innovation, business and entrepreneurship has StartupSouth (stylized as #StartupSouth) on board either as a sponsor or as a partner. I attend lots of these events and considering i’m a media person, people often ask me this question “what is “#StartupSouth?” a lot.

Similarly, Uche Aniche – The convener, also thinks most people still don’t understand what it is and did a Thread on twitter which i’ll be analyzing to provide more context about #StartupSouth.


#StartupSouth is a project.

#StartupSouth was created out of the passion to build a community of new generation business leaders in south-southEastern Nigeria with a mission to educate, inspire and connect founders in the region to investment capital. 

You can’t have a conversation with Uche Aniche about #StartupSouth without him making reference to Touchabl Pictures and, Two interesting startups who pitched out of #StartupSouth’s annual events. Both Startups has gone on to raised over  $50k in seed investment from Genesys tech hub and Ventures platform respectively. That’s not all, according to Uche, funds raised so far by Startups from the project amounts to $350k.

The region now has an Angel Investors Network (SSE Angels) of individuals looking to invest and support innovative startups from the eastern heartlands to the creeks and shores of the Niger Delta. of cause, #StartupSouth helped in the emergence of the group and got thirteen people signed up on the day of launch.

More Recently, A story making headlines is that of John Agbai, Currently Co-founder & CEO, AspireLab who registered to pitch his then startup( at #StartupSouth3 but sadly wasn’t shortlisted, It was during the networking session at #StartupSouth3  he met Edosa Obaseki  who was one of the delegates and mentors at the event.

Edosa got interested in the idea which has today become  Aspirelab — an Edtech firm focused on preparing the African child for the opportunity of the digital future by partnering with primary/secondary schools to improve pupils/students learning experiences particularly in Computer Science and STEM. #StartupSouth Provides support and mentors the team on Startup business management.

#StartupSouth community isn’t limited to tech alone

Got a palm oil processing plant or a shoe making business, StartupSouth would actually support you as long as you’ve got a mix of innovation in there. Each time the word startup gets mentioned we do make this mistake of limiting it only to tech. In fact startups are newly formed ventures (not limited to tech) that aims to meet a marketplace need, or solving a problem by developing a viable business model around products, services, or platforms.

If you are looking for a one liner pitch, #startupsouth is a platform looking to help businesses in South-SouthEastern Nigeria succeed.

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