Taxify expands to Owerri

Taxify just became the first top gun ride hailing service launched in Nigeria to expand beyond Lagos and Abuja. The company has expanded simultaneously to Owerri and Ibadan to ease mobility for commuters in both cities. Onboarding drivers to its platform has commences and only 15% fares paid by passengers will go to Taxify.

Rumors had it in April that Taxify was going to launch in owerri after an ad was spotted on instagram saying taxify ❤ Owerri’ that was later pull down, we sent a message to Taxify to confirm if they had already launch and a spokesperson didn’t confirm nor denied it instead said “we’ll be launching in other cities soon and you’ll be the first to know when we launch in yours”

This week, another picture ad that says taxify ❤ Owerri’ was shared on the owerri tech group raising lots of questions if the ride hailing company has launched in the city. heading to its website, Taxify has already listed Owerri and ibadan with Lagos and Abuja as cities it operates in Nigeria.

“After our successful launches in Nigeria’s main centers, expanding to the cities of Ibadan and Owerri is a natural next step for Taxify,” Uche Okafor, Taxify’s Country Manager for Nigeria told vanguard news. “We’re looking forward to introducing these cities to safe, reliable and affordable ride-hailing services on demand, and introducing flexible employment opportunities to thousands of drivers and vehicle owners in both cities.”

apparently, this expansion is a result of high demands of its service by drivers, passenger and social media complaints by commuters in both cities. Travelers who flew into Owerri had to spend minutes standing on the road negotiating prices with local taxis which are expensive and hard to contact in case he/she forgets an item in the vehicle.

In owerri, taxify isn’t the only one competing for a market share. it joined the gang of unicorns after it raised $175million in funding to expand and compete with ride hailing companies in other markets that includes UruDrive, Zigamu and imo black cab (all operating in owerri).


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