No. Not yet, Taxify has not launched in owerri.

This is to confirm that the rumours about Taxify expanding its ride-hailing service to Owerri are false, at least for now and currently in operations only in Lagos and Abuja but has plans to launch in other cities soon.

Rumours escalating was as a result of locales spotting an Instagram ad with the Taxify Nigeria’s handle that say’s “Taxify ❤ Owerri” which is a signature Taxify post if entering/operating in your city.

Things really got serious when a resident of Owerri tweeted about a ride he booked via Taxify leading people to think the company had already launched in Owerri.


But we later confirmed he was in Abuja at that moment.

Although, Taxify said it will be launching in other cities soon. if Owerri would be among, it means more competition for uru and zigamu who are already local players in the ride-hailing service market in the heartland. It isn’t obvious to tell who’s going to win the market but I’ll leave you to do the math.

Owerri is a market that might be favourable to ride-hailing companies since Taxis are the only alternative for a comfortable ride since the ban on tricycles(Keke-Napep) was placed by the State Government.



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