The death and future of cyber cafes in Nigeria

To be honest, aside JAMB period cyber cafes in Nigeria don’t have any use or functional bearing. 

Do you remember the good old days of buying time just to use facebook for 30 minutes or paying someone a thousand naira just to apply for a job? I bet you remember. If you had a cyber cafe then, i’m really sorry smartphones took you out of business.

In the 90’s mobile phones usage in Nigeria amount for a very low Number and could only be afforded by individuals with big pockets. Having a phone that could only make calls was seen as a luxury. 

Well considering I’m not that old, I think to have access to a computer then was if you work for a big corporation which of cause not everyone does. Individual were left with the only option of going to a cyber cafe to read the news, send emails, connect to the world or even type a document which you can now do with google docs on your smartphone.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s which was the begining of the end for cyber cafes in Nigeria because of the debut of smartphones in 2006. Phones and laptops started becoming cheaper, data became less expensive and adoption skyrocketed. Even during jamb period, you can still complete 90% of the registration process without having to step an inch out of your house. 

I could literally study, run a business, send hundreds of emails, pay my utility bills, apply for a job, buy a plane ticket even learn software development just with my smartphone, trust me cyber cafe businesses are death but we’re still refusing to do a funeral. 

As for its future, not so much. except we adopt an entirely new business model to operate a cafe. 

Co-working space are the in thing right now, selling spaces instead of time has proven to be very profitable. Peolple have the money and gadget but power Is still a big problem In Nigeria, instead of selling time, sell power and a working space. Dont get confused, there is a difference between a hub and a co-working space.

I can’t really see or think of a clear future for cafes in Nigeria but if could think of any, we’ld appreciate if you share with us in the comment box.

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