This mobile app helps Nigerians to fight crime and insecurity

The code9help app want to help Nigerians in tackling the wave of crime in Nigeria. the app works as a personal help and security aid when in trouble or in danger.


The code9help app prove to be of help and guarantee’s safety in times of crime or emergency. when in trouble the app come with a push notification alarm sound to make sure to get recipient’s attention right away, Send immediate SMS to your alert contacts and also your contacts who the app and your GPS location shown in the email and sms.

According to Duke Danson, Code9Help’s Marketing and Sales Director,

“the developers of the mobile app specifically designed it to tackle the issue of insecurity and response to emergencies in Africa. The application is now running in Ghana and Nigeria. “Code9help is the smart app that guarantees you help anytime you are in trouble”

The app is a pure definition of a good UI experience and with just a click of a button to send an alert to your contacts when in trouble or need help. The sole purpose of code9help is to make it easier and faster for Africans  to call out for help with a single click of a button  in problematic situations.

danso also added :

” right from your mobile phone you can alert your nearest police station or personal security anytime you sense danger. Just right on your mobile phone too, you can send an alarm to your doctor and family members in case of medical emergency”

The app is developed in the united kingdom which is a major blow in the faces of African developers, and many are still doubting the app with claims Africa’s problem can only be solved by African who are facing this particular problem or have a better understanding of the African market.

The app cost about ₦3,500 which is quit expensive for some people in Africa, only 40% of African uses a smartphone or are connected to the internet, which is a big limitation in reaching people who are actually facing this problem.

It also guarantees you help in situations like fire outbreak and other emergencies. The app is available for download in Nigeria via the Play Sore or the App Store.









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