Tools and resources every startup should use in 2017 to achieve their goals.

As a startup you can’t do it alone, trust me you can’t. you need some certain tools and resources to help you reach your advertising goals, to automate processes, run social media campaigns, for digital marketing/growth hacking to keep records and to manage finances to mention a few.

As a startup with limited financial resources and sometimes can’t afford someone to do the job, we are always searching for the best software tools we can get our hands on to achieve positive results.

Look no further, here are 10 of the best free and paid but affordable tools every startup should take advantage of.

This is just more than a URL shorten, it’s a free analytics tools to track and monitor where your clicks to your link are coming from. Tech startups can take advantages of the dynamic link feature that allows user to get the best experience for the platform they open you link on. This tools is best for new startups before signing up for a premium service.

Email octopus

You want run email marketing for your startup? Email octopus does the job perfectly, with its 21st century styled templates and real-time analytics on your campaigns, it’s a go for digital marketing. Email octopus offers automation which startups can use to create time based sequences and integrates with over 500 web apps services like gmail, Eventbrite, wordpress, trello etc. via the use of zapier.

Legal service are expensive, diylaw is making legal easy for startups from company registration, writing of privacy policy, trade marking and hiring a lawyer. diylaw has got you covered with a knowledge center with many helpful articles, answers questions about legal issues. Most diylaw law services comes with a cost but are much cheaper than a regular attorney.


This is the best tool for automation that allows you to automate task between web apps. Zapier connects over 750 apps such as google docs and slack together for easy workflow. All zapier does is connect different apps to work as one.


Hootsuit help you manage all your startup’s social media profile in one place. This tools help to create social media campaigns and provides statics on engagements and performances. With its post scheduling feature, hootsuit post content across all social networks even when you are not active. Building an audience that engage on social media is key, hootsuit enables you to build contests, challenges and quizzes across multiple networks and platforms to connect with your audience.


Paystack enables startups to accept payment on their apps and website. As one of the best payment gateways around, paystack is a simple payment option that helps Nigerian business accept payment from anyone, anywhere around the world. Its easy to integrate and comes with a flexible price plan for small startups.


Acounteer is everythng you need to handle you company’s finances. It’s a smart cloud accounting system that creates invoices and send them to clients, manage your startup’s payroll. It works with any payment gateway you use to help you manage your company’s expenses. In simple sentence, accounteer works as your personal accountant.

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