TutorFinder is yet to be paid the $10,000 it won at Genesys ignite

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TutorFinder announced its plans to be a marketplace connecting Learners to professional tutors in December 2017 at the Genesys ignite South-East Startup Convergence event. fast forward to march 2018 and Tutorfinder went missing in action.

Tutorfinder barely performs any operational activity or market itself to customers and no update has been made to it’s sketchy looking website since it went into beta raising lots questions about what they did with the $10,000 they won. Did they receive the money? is it’s business model sustainable? and how will it solve the decline in education in the country?

A brief look at the history books tells us that TutorFinder, with Playjoor and House of Uwe were selected as winners of the Genesys Ignite startups pitch competition out of 147 submissions to be supported with $10,000 seed capital by Genesys tech hub and it’s sponsors. PlayJoor launched it’s real time gaming platform accompanied with a mobile app and house of Uwe hasn’t done much but confirmed it has received it’s $10,000.


Conversing with GoodNews Egemolu, The Founder, he disclosed that TutorFinder is currently on a pause because of his impending graduation from the University. The thought of a marketPlace where learners can source for Tutors came to GoodNews while interning as a 400 level undergraduate at Genesys Innovation hub, Enugu. Fortunately, Ignite was happening the same time as Learnable -its internship arm. he pitched TutorFinder and won.

Still in the conversation with GoodNews, It struck me to ask if they had actually received the $10,000? he neither confirmed nor denied it. A team member whom we reached out to (asked not to be named) said they haven’t been paid a dime.

“We are still been posted and i can’t just seem know why, we are tired of always going there for meetings and not getting positive results”

After the three winners were selected, it was in speculations that TutorFinder’s idea was nowhere near others that pitched but because the founder interned and he’s one of them, Genesys had to pick his team as winners to prove a point that interns too can build companies but haven’t paid his team because : Familiarity. nevertheless, this is just a theory without firm evidence.

Genesys tech hub is silent on this matter and didn’t respond to queries from 4kreport.

Even with financial struggles and no capital, TutorFinder isn’t shutting down “we’ll start operations in November but pivot to a new business model” GoodNews said.


Update: Its true that TutorFinder haven’t been paid by Genesys but the reason seems to be different from our speculations stated above.
Tutorafinder’s business model was to have tutorial centers spread across Nigeria starting from Owerri but Genesys didn’t find this model scalable.
“They wanted us to maybe create a platform like udemy or udacity so that apart from finding tutors parents can enroll their wards virtually and follow online from any part of the world”
“So we are still in talk with Genesys and once we get an implementation plan, our money should be ours” a spokesman from TutorFinder said.

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