Uru is yet another ride hailing service fixing transportation in owerri.

The mobility of people in Nigeria is still not satisfactory as one would expect, even after some much enfaces has being made to change this situation.

Ride-hailing service debut in Nigeria took away some basic transport challenges like over crowding and being expensive but introduced some new ones as well. It’s either you are faced with drivers using fake GPS apps to double the cost of trips or drivers being rude to passengers including other security issues.

Joining the bandwagon of ride-hailing services to solve mobility issues in Nigeria is Uru – a digital taxi-hailing service that wants to change the way people commute in Nigeria starting from Owerri.

No surprise as the founders chose Owerri as a starting point to penetrate the Nigerian market, it’s a city known as the biggest tourist attraction site in the southeast, therefore, has its Transport industry valued at approximately $1billion. A city with a reasonable amount of its population with strong spending power is an added advantage.

Although, digital illiteracy and poor network connectivity are identified as majors challenges opposing uru’s success in Owerri.

For rider without internet access, rides can be requested via calls or its mobile app if connected. Parcel and truck delivery service will be rolled out soon.

Founded by Peter Nzeadibe and Johnson Madueke, the Ghanian based startup expanded it service to Owerri in December 2017 and so far has 5,000+ downloads In Owerri with hopes to expand to other cities in Nigeria.

Competing for a market share is Uber, Taxify and Zigamu, a local competitor. uru says its competitive advantage is its various features on its platform,how cheap it is and expanding to untouched cities.

According to Peter (co-founder), Uru has been self-funded to date ($55,000).

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