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What’s up with the future of 4kreport

Its being two days now and our website havn’t being active for some reason which you’ll know as you read further. we  took the time off to the discuss the future of 4kreport, how to be of value to the community and to provide the best experience in reading the news.

Here we go!

1. Aggregating the latest updates

4kreport has decided to be a news aggregator, we’ll be curating your tech updates from the south-east and south-south of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. we’ll be curating the latest on tech every morning on our website with links to their original source form Monday to Friday by 7am. its just like a newsletter but on the web.

we will still continue our weekly polls, write about your favorite startup ,going on tours to our favorite Tech office and hubs and our monthly interview with Tech expert will continue.

2. Tell your own story your own way

Right from the beginning 4kreport aim has been to inform the world the about amazing things Tech companies and People in Africa making waves and great things. Now we’ll be spicing things up a little bit.

We want startups, organizations and people in tech to tell their own stories themselves, because, why not?.

4kreport is open to organizations and startups to contribute on our website to make special announcement, special offers or whatever information they want to pass to users for free.

As an organization you’d want to inform your customer about what you do, if there are going to be changes in the company’s location, A service you want to provide, special offers, event , or any information concerning the company, 4kreport allows you to do just that.

Startups can take advantage of this, by telling user what problems you are trying to solve and solutions you are providing , if you just got funded and to get early stage users register to you platform of services.

Individuals aren’t left out, Experts are welcomed to share there thought, advices, analysis, context, lessons learned, interesting observations, that kind of stuff. if any of your content fits the categories mentioned about, you are go to go. get ready to be 4kreport famous.

Take advantage of our expanding social media community and our dear in our heart readers for we are interested in connecting user to their favorite brand and expanding the community.

Your contributions don’t have to be a neutral perspective, people are free to write about their startup/business experiences, so long as they offer useful insights and are not just a “look at us, we’re so awesome” report card post. That’s the catch.

Go ahead and contribute here


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