Whats up with women in tech in the south

In 2017 at the first ever Owerri tech meetup, only one female was in attendance. Fast forward to today, that number sometimes still hasn’t changed.

There haven’t been reasonable amount of ladies involved or participating in tech here in the south, even with so many new opputunitinies opening in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – STEM, specially designed for ladies, there’s still low inclusion of women. Trust me, in every list of opportunities you come across, there’s at least one specially for women.

But still, why do we still have a very low participation of women in tech in the south? Why the low turn up of ladies in tech meetups? No honestly, Django girls Owerri- a python and Django workshops for girls had more men in attendance than ladies.

There’s a popular belief that there aren’t much ladies in tech to look up to as mentors or role models and that ladies tend to be more productive/achieve goals when they support each other. I do not totally agree with this. if someone is considered an expert and successful in the industry you are in, you should be able to be inspired by them irrespective of their gender.

Uche kene, the digiclan ambassador for southeast and a well known digital marketer, disclosed to me that he got inspired by Ized Uanikhehi who’s a social producer at CNN, digital marketing evangelist and a lady to venture and became good at what how does in digital marketing.

Worldwide, girls perform higher in high school STEM than the opposite sex but lag behind in college and workplace, reasons are labelling tech as not flashy, uninteresting, and a guy thing even after showing interest.

The truth is most ladies who say they are into tech or want to get into tech are lazy and are not willing to put in the hard work required to learn. Many claims that lack of finance and time are their biggest hindrance to learning a skill in tech and attending meetups respectively. But I say to you, as long as you are willing to learn there are people out there willing to provide you with the support you need as long as you are willing to learn.

Although, in terms of having a career in tech, Theodora Isola- founder at Tiva creative and an advocate for women in tech pointed out that there are little to no well-structured tech companies around. “i found out that because we have just a few well-structured companies here in the south and which some are barely just keeping up, if they engage these girls/ladies at the sight of something more flashy they’ll stay or move to companies where things are already working well” she added.

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