New ride-hailing service launches in Owerri.

The mobility of people in Owerri via public transport is of a very bad experience. The poorly maintained likely to collapse buses that makes a 15minute journey seem like an hour journey or how disorganised areas in Owerri are, with few actual bus-stops and undisciplined drivers dropping or picking up passengers wherever they like or how tight these buses are, with little spaces in between seats. It goes on and on.

For so long, many including me have been vexed by the condition of public transportation in Owerri and wished that either Taxify or Uber debuts Owerri.

Enisplus has launched Zigamu, a new e-hailing cab service in Owerri. The first of its kind in south-east and south-south of Nigeria, changing the transport condition and business for both passengers and drivers using technology.

The cab service is an affordable, safe and easily available on demand taxi booking platform that’s developed with both passengers and drivers in mind. Passengers only have to download and register on the app, chose pick up/drop off location, check for available drivers nearby then chose a method of payment(card,wallet or cash) and boom! you have a ride.

For drivers, having a car isn’t necessary as the app has booking options for Tricycle(Keke Napep) or Bus depending on your location. Also included is an intuitive GPS navigation for precise and easy tracking of passenger location, real-time internal chat between riders and drivers, and importantly easy commission structure.

In my opinion, the startup shouldn’t have any problem with customers acquisition. internet penetration increases every day in the east, The youth adapting to e-hailing shouldn’t be a problem as it has over the years become a norm. but security issues still remain the biggest Threat to e-hailing services in Nigeria.

Launched on the 5th of February, 2018, Zigamu has being self-funded by its founders till date has 40+ drivers and 120+ riders registered on its app.

The startup has a clear ambition to be the Number one ride-hailing service in the region.

“We want to take our place as the top on-demand service provider in the entire east. We have 12 cities in the east as our target market” Nwokedi Samuel- head of IT told 4kreport.

Food ordering and delivery services will be rolled out in the future as the app is undergoing phase two development.

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